HRB Harris 2-2 Ram Baler​

10' Main Ram

8" Ejection Ram

US 342 Wire Tier

Location: Mansfield, MA

Price: $75,000 FOB

or $95,000 to be Re-Assembled


15 HP Blower

17 inch Inlet

17 inch outlet

Price: $4,500 FOB

​Location: Mansfield, MA

Giant Blower Fan

Westing House

​50 HP Mega blower fan

24 inch inlet

24 inch outlet

Price: $10,500 FOB

Location: Mansfield, MA

RLC Blower Fan

7.5 HP 

12 inch Inlet

17 inch Outlet

Location: Mansfield

Price: $3,000 FOB

​2 Ram Baler


7 inch collector with steel stand to fit over baler in place

Price: $7,500 FOB

Location: Mansfield, MA

McClain 20 HP

Full Eject Closed Door Baler

54'x45' Hipper

with 60" Rubber Belted in Feed Conveyor

Twin 6' Cylinders

In great condition- Running

Location: Nassau, Bahamas

Price: $50,000 FOB

C&M Horizontal Auto Tie Baler

7 Inch Main cyclinder

Pair of Sonic Eye's

Price: $70,000

American Paper Recycling has equipment for sale. If interested please contact Ken Golden at 508-339-5551 or email at KenSGolden@Aol.com

Maren 423

Closed Door Baler


Price: $8,000

Grundler Shredder

100 HP with 48 inch steel belted conveyor

Price: $15,000 FOB
Location: Mansfield, MA

Maren 072

Closed door Paper baler

Price: $9,500 FOB

Location: Mansfield, MA

​​1998 Freight Liner

127,000 Miles

Hydraulic tail gate lifter

Price: $30,000

International Closed door textile baler

10 inch cylinder

in Excellent Condition

Price: $9,000