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 Tuesday - Thursday 10:00 am - 2:00 pm Direct: (603) 757-2237

You may also contact the main office at: 1 (508) 339-5551

Monday - Friday 8:00 am 4:00 pm

​​Frequently Asked Questions
1) Where are bins placed? In a safe position with 24/7 access for participant and/or community use, with consideration for APR service trucks. If location is gated, participants MUST provide APR field services with a key and/or the access code.
2) When I call for service, how long does it take? Depending on when a request comes in, a truck may or may not be available right away. Our trucks travel across the map in a circular pattern from one area into the next systematically emptying the bins assigned. Requests for pick-ups are added to the appropriate travel area onto the next available truck. It is difficult to determine arrival, as there is no way of knowing how far along a truck will go before having to empty their load to begin again. Variables such as; how full each bin location is, traffic, weather, and/or other unexpected delays cannot be calculated. Rest assured all service requests are handled with the utmost importance and as quickly as possible. Consequently, it may take up to 7 business days to be serviced. Participants are responsible for monitoring their bin activity and contacting scheduling.
3) What if trash gets into the bin? Generally, with a well monitored recycling program trash is not an issue. On average, less than 1% trash is collected in the bins. If trash becomes a problem, APR will make participants aware, and work with them to resolve the issue.
4) What is the dollar value of the rebate? The dollar value is assessed on the bin activity of each individual location. Participants will earn a minimum of $7.50 per ton based on the overall quality and weight of paper collected in a six month period (paid bi-annually). Rebate checks are mailed in April and October. High volume participants may be eligible for additional rebate incentives. Contact the sales department for more details.
5) How much paper does each bin hold? Up to 1.50 tons depending on the type of paper. An all paper bin will be different than an all cardboard bin. Consider having a bin for each to maximize your recycling benefits. You may request to have more than one bin.
6) How many tons are collected in a 6 month period? It really depends on the efforts of each bin location and how well participation is promoted. Some folks produce over 20 tons. The potential has no limit. Success is a community/team effort.
7) Are participants obligated under a contract? No, participation is “At Will" and completely FREE of charge. If either the Participant or APR finds a bin location is not viable or no longer beneficial, the program can be discontinued at any time.

American Paper Recycling


The APR retriever program is offered FREEof charge within local communities as a means to reduce waste management costs, teach environmental stewardship, and
provide an opportunity to raise funds for school programs, places of worship,
Charitable and other organizations through conscientious recycling efforts.
How does the program work??

* Participants are provided with 7 cubic yard recycling bin(s) (6x6x6 ft) FREE of charge.
* APR accepts newspapers, catalogs, magazines, notebooks, junk mail, envelopes, office and school paper, cardboard shipping boxes, etc. No glass, plastic or food containers of any kind or household trash, items or clothing, and no hazardous materials of any kind.
* Bins are emptied FREE of charge on a routine schedule. Due to the unpredictable nature of paper recycling (how often a bin fills up), bin activity MUST be monitored by participants. When bin(s) reach ½ to 3/4 full, participants should contact APR allowing up to 7 business days (Excluding; holidays & weekends) for a service truck to become available in the area. Frequency of service can change depending on bin activity throughout the year.
* Participants receive a rebate on a bi-annual basis based on the paper collected inside their bin(s). The rebate amount is calculated by the overall weight and quality of accepted materials (recyclable paper/cardboard) collected within a 6-month period.