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"We are dedicated to serving your most demanding needs and offering our expertise in finding the most innovative solutions available in the ever changing industry."

Ken Golden, President and CEO

American Paper Recycling is in the business of buying and selling high-grade secondary paper fiber. APR concentrating on maintaining the highest standards in servicing customers and contracting with commercial industrial printers and packaging operations

APR's mission is to make all existing and prospective accounts partners in our recycling family.

American Paper Recycling believes in the investment in our customers through continuing education of waste paper markets and the use of paper recycling equipment to enhance long term, profitable business opportunities.

American Paper Recycling has set the standard for waste paper recovery and sales for over forty years. In today's ever increasingly competitive business environment, we remain an important resource for many commercial printers and packaging companies in the recovery and sale of all grades of waste paper.

As a leader in the recycling industry, APR offers a quality product with premium prices and services through our network of packing facilities and on going mill relationships.

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